Alan Norman

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Alan Norman

Alan is an acknowledged industry leader in the field of complex landmark subdivision projects and has constantly been an innovator of new and improved subdivision methodologies. He regularly represents the surveying profession in legislation and process reviews by Land Registry, Councils and Government.

Qualifications and Achievements

Bachelor of Applied Science (Surveying)
Certificate of Competency in Surveying
Certificate of Competency in Cadastral Surveying
Registered Surveyor
Licensed Surveyor

Executive member and immediate past chairman – Association of Consulting Surveyors, Victoria
Executive member – Association of Consulting Surveyors, National
Fellow, Institution of Surveyors Victoria
Member, Surveying and Spatial Science Institute
Certified professional of the Spatial Science Institute
Representative on Victorian Spatial Council
Winner of 2008 Excellence Award for Cadastral Surveying
Winner of 2008 Peter Tyrell Award for outstanding service in ACSV