Development Consulting


Our role as primary consultants on land development projects has meant that we work closely and coordinate with other key professionals and service providers across the broad area of Victorian land development including legal practitioners specialising in planning, property and development matters, valuers, real estate agents, owners corporation managers, research/marketing and advertising consultants. We also collaborate with an array of other specialist consultants including urban designers, landscape architects, traffic engineers, water resources engineers, environmental consultants, flora and fauna consultants, heritage and archaeological consultants involved in the land development process.

Some of the key Development Consulting services provided by Reeds Consulting to complement our in-house technical and design services, include:

  • Strategic and Statutory review and planning for land development projects from inception to masterplanning and urban design, rezoning (where applicable), development of PSP and DCP, development plan and Planning Permit;
  • Specialist survey advice relating to due diligence, cadastral and Titles, subdivision and property issues;
  • Site acquisition due diligence, strategic review including identifying Title, easements and restrictions, key servicing, initial yield and development estimates, environmental and other issues including potential opportunities and risks;
  • Development of servicing budgets and project feasibility models including review of alternate development make ups and product mixes in conjunction with expert real estate, marketing and advisory consultants;
  • Negotiations and engagement in development and servicing matters with Councils, Vicroads and all servicing agencies including Melbourne Water, Melbourne and rural Water Companies and electricity, gas and telecommunication companies across the State;
  • Review of civil works proposals, tenders and contracts based on the various Australian Standards;
    Construction auditing of civil works associated with land development or infrastructure projects including main drainage, sewerage, water supply works requiring accredited Melbourne Water and MRWA representation;
  • Integrated project management combining our core and specific services to co-ordinate and manage the full delivery of land development projects together with specialist consultants and contractors.

Our Development Consulting services can be standalone or complementary to a client’s existing project management structure and consultant team.