Land Surveying

With over 50 years’ experience in property development, Reeds Consulting specialise in all areas of Surveying services from suburban two-lot subdivisions to broad acre urban estate developments and highrise buildings.

We are industry leaders in the subdivision of building developments, from existing blocks of flats through to complex multi-storey and multi-use high density developments. We work closely with property developers and guide them through the complex title and owners corporation structures required to secure the ongoing enjoyment of these developments.

By collaborating with Reeds Consulting Civil Engineering and Planning Groups, we facilitate land development projects from inception to completion.

Services & Expertise

Our expertise extends into the following areas:

  • Subdivision

    • Highrise buildings and landmark developments
    • Urban renewal & brownfield sites
    • Greenfield broad acre estates
    • Infill & medium industry
    • Small and large scale developments
    • Cadastral & Land Titles

      • Title Boundary Re-establishment
      • Land Status, ownership, easements and other encumbrances
      • Adverse Possession and other possessory applications
      • Expert witness representation
      • Crown Surveys
      • Property

        • Due diligence assessment and reporting
        • Site Investigation & Feasibility
        • Leasing and Licensing
        • Owners Corporation Structures
        • Property Council of Australia (PCA) floor area surveys
        • Engineering

          • High Precision surveys supporting engineering design and construction
          • Structural Monitoring
          • Planning & Design

            • Site context and site analysis surveys to support development applications
            • Existing conditions surveys to support architectural design
            • Cultural heritage and Native Vegetation
            • Construction

              • Set out
              • As-built Surveys
              • Asset Recording

            The Reeds Consulting Survey Group is committed to upholding the integrity of Victoria’s Land Titles System which has underpinned the Victorian economy for over 150 years. As part of this commitment, we employ Licensed Surveyors who are qualified experts in cadastral matters. This highly-skilled workforce complements our commitment to professional development and continual innovation, and ensures our proficiency in providing up-to-date professional advice on all matters relating to the Land Titles System.

            In addition to our expertise in Land Surveying, Reeds Consulting provide specialist cartography services to create sophisticated maps. Using computer-based technology, we combine our precise measurements with state-of-the-art aesthetics and techniques to deliver spatially accurate geographic content. Our maps are visually appealing and provide accurate information to your target market.