The Planning Department at Reeds Consulting provides an extensive range of planning services, proficiently directing your project from inception to delivery.

This service spans an array of areas including master planning, infill, commercial, retail, greenfield and brownfield developments. These services are accessible to individuals, small companies, major corporations, Developers, Architects, Surveyors, Engineers, Project Managers, and Property Managers.

We advise on the best development options for our clients’ land, prepare development plans and support and pursue planning applications, all of which enable clients to maximise the value of their land. Reeds Consulting takes ownership of the entire process, including liaising with appointed consultants to achieve your requirements.  Our in-depth knowledge of the Victorian Planning System enables us to provide professional services and advice in the fields of:

  • Masterplanning and Subdivision Design

    We offer a wide range of masterplanning and subdivision design services. Our team take a holistic & integrated approach to masterplanning through combining client requests, policy analysis, planning requirements, environmental constraints, social impacts, heritage and physical issues with a practical understanding of financial implications and market demands. Our services span all development types, including residential, commercial, retail, mixed use and industrial. These skills on such a diverse range of developments enables us to provide our clients with a high level of customer service and plans to suit all of their needs.

    • Development Approvals

      We are regularly engaged by our clients to obtain approval for Developments, including retail precincts, townhouses, integrated medium density sites, industrial & commercial developments, units and land development sites. Reeds Consulting is able to project manage this process and coordinate the various members of the project team in order to obtain development approval.

      • Strategic and Statutory Planning

        Reeds Consulting has qualified, experienced and professional staff who have specialist knowledge on all planning related and land development issues. We have strong working relationships with Councils and Referral Authorities which enables us to offer an efficient, high quality service in strategic and statutory planning. We offer the following services:

        • Applications for Planning Permit (Subdivision, Development, Removal of Native Vegetation, etc) on a wide range of proposals including residential, mixed-use, industrial and commercial;
        • Application to Amend Planning Permits;
        • Planning Scheme Amendments;
        • Strategic Planning Assessments;
        • Planning Advice;
        • Land Use Policy Assessment and Reviews, and;
        • Review of Planning Permit Conditions and advice to client;
        • Preparation of Design Guidelines

          As land development professionals, we recognise that future development should achieve our client’s ultimate goals. In order to provide for a consistent outcome and first class development, we are able to prepare Design Guidelines for our clients which provide a clear and concise set of building and design standards for future allotments including buildings envelopes if required. The guidelines are catered to our client’s needs and ultimately protect the interests of both purchasers and residents/occupiers against inappropriate development.

          • Site Appraisals and Assessments

            Reeds Consulting recognises that the cost and time associated with property purchases and development is quite significant. We therefore believe that site appraisals, town planning advice and assessments are vital prior to committing to purchasing a site or applying to develop land. In order to assist clients, we are able to prepare written advice, appraisals and assessments which assist clients as part of their due diligence. We provide this service for all properties within Victoria and may comprise the following, depending on client needs:

            • Current Land Use, Zoning Assessment, Overlay Assessment and related Policy Review;
            • Government Planning requirements to be addressed for the proposal;
            • Development Contributions, Infrastructure Contribution Plans, Growth Area Infrastructure Contributions and other associated costs, where information is available;
            • Constraints relating to the site that may impede a proposal;
            • Environmental & Biodiversity Considerations;
            • Heritage (European and Aboriginal) Requirements;
            • Likely consultants which may need to be engaged;
            • Engineering Costings;
            • Details of the Planning Permit/Development Process;
            • Approximate timeframes to obtain relevant approvals, and;
            • Recommendations for taking the project to the next step.
            • Project Coordination

              Reeds Consulting is a multi-disciplinary practice comprising professional staff who are able to assist clients in taking projects from inception through to delivery. We understand the importance of communication with both our clients and other parties involved in the planning process. We have long-standing, solid relationships with key stakeholders, including Councils, Referral Authorities and the Victorian Planning Authority.

              We have close connections with other consultants who provide insights on environmental assessments, flora and fauna reports, traffic assessments, aboriginal and European heritage, landscaping and architectural services. Where additional services are required in order to undertake a development, we organise for other consultants to be engaged on our client’s behalf and coordinate the findings from all reports and plans prepared by others to ensure that they meet our client’s needs.

              Driven by constantly innovating to better serve our clients planning requirements, we work closely with our clients and their consulting teams to maximise their project objectives and deliver outcomes, striving to exceed expectations.

            Reeds Consulting Pty Ltd is a member of the Planning Institute of Australia, Property Council of Australia and the Urban Development Institute of Australia.