Site Appraisals and Assessments

Reeds Consulting recognises that the the cost and time associated with property purchases and development is quite significant.  We therefore believe that site appraisals, town planning advice and assessments are vital prior to committing to purchasing a site or applying to develop land.  In order to assist clients, we are able to prepare written advice, appraisals and assessments which assist clients as part of their due diligence.   We provide this service for all properties within Victoria and may comprise the following, depending on client needs:

  • Current Land Use, Zoning Assessment, Overlay Assessment and related Policy Review;
  • Government Planning requirements to be addressed for the proposal;
  • Development Contributions, Growth Area Infrastructure Contributions and other associated costs, where information is available;
  • Constraints relating to the site that may impede a proposal;
  • Environmental Considerations;
  • Heritage (European and Aboriginal) Requirements;
  • Likely consultants which may need to be engaged;
  • Engineering Costings;
  • Details of the Planning Permit/Development Process;
  • Approximate timeframes to obtain relevant approvals, and;
  • Recommendations for taking the project to the next step.