Professional Land Surveying Services in Wangaratta

Looking for professional land surveying services in Wangaratta and the surrounding regions? Reeds Consulting is your trusted partner for comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs. With our team of skilled Licensed Surveyors, we specialize in a wide range of services, utilizing advanced technology and industry expertise to deliver accurate and high-quality results.

Land Subdivision

Our expert team at Reeds Consulting excels in land subdivision services in Wangaratta. Whether you’re a property developer, investor, or landowner, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you in dividing your land efficiently and effectively. Our meticulous approach ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements, providing you with subdivided parcels that meet your exact specifications.

Cadastral Surveys

Accuracy is paramount in cadastral surveys, and at Reeds Consulting, we pride ourselves on delivering precise and reliable results. Our Licensed Surveyors in Wangaratta employ state-of-the-art equipment and methodologies to define and document property boundaries, easements, and other relevant features. Trust us to handle your cadastral survey needs with the utmost professionalism.

Topographic Surveys

When it comes to understanding the characteristics of your land, our detailed topographic surveys are invaluable. Our team utilizes advanced surveying techniques to map the natural and man-made features of your property, providing you with highly accurate data essential for effective land development, construction, and planning.

Feature and Level Surveys

Reeds Consulting offers comprehensive feature and level surveys that capture intricate details of your land. By conducting a thorough analysis of terrain, vegetation, structures, and other elements, we ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of your site’s unique characteristics. This information is crucial for making informed decisions during the design and development stages.

Site Analysis Surveys

Our insightful site analysis surveys provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your property’s potential. We evaluate factors such as accessibility, drainage, soil composition, and environmental considerations to help you make informed decisions about land development, infrastructure projects, or property acquisitions. Trust Reeds Consulting to provide you with valuable insights for your project’s success.

Monitoring Surveys

At Reeds Consulting, we offer reliable monitoring surveys to help you assess and manage changes to your property over time. Whether you need to monitor structural stability, land movements, or environmental impacts, our team utilizes cutting-edge techniques and technology to provide accurate and timely monitoring reports.

UAV and Drone Surveys

Harnessing the power of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drones, Reeds Consulting brings you state-of-the-art surveying services. These aerial surveys provide a unique perspective, enabling us to capture detailed imagery, generate precise elevation models, and conduct efficient inspections. With our advanced aerial capabilities, we offer efficient and cost-effective solutions for various surveying needs.

Laser Scanning

Reeds Consulting utilizes advanced laser scanning technology to capture detailed three-dimensional representations of your property. This non-intrusive method allows for the accurate measurement of complex structures and environments, facilitating efficient planning, design, and analysis for a wide range of projects.

With Reeds Consulting, you can trust that your land surveying needs in Wangaratta and the surrounding areas are in capable hands. Our team of skilled Licensed Surveyors, combined with advanced technology and a commitment to precision, ensures exceptional accuracy and quality in all our projects.


As with standard greenfield subdivision compliance, Reeds Consulting offers the full suite of A-Spec (R-Spec, D-Spec, O-Spec) and Open Spatial’s ACDC compliance solutions. We are equipped to assist with boutique projects for Councils and smaller developments with bespoke A-Spec requirements to satisfy Planning Permit conditions, obtain a Statement of Compliance or release works bonds. We also offer Sewer and Water asset recording services upon request for South East Water, Yarra Valley Water, Greater Western Water, Westernport Water and Coliban Water. Our experienced team has worked with Councils to develop real-world solutions to submissions in line with the current specification and construction standards.   

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