Welcome to Reeds Consulting

Reeds Consulting are experts in Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, Planning and Development Consulting. As accredited service providers to VicRoads, water boards, municipal councils and various infrastructure companies, we have helped advance the ongoing growth and development of Victorian communities since 1958. Our expertise also extends to complementary fields of Project Management and Cartographic design. We pride ourselves in our ability to facilitate the success of our clients’ projects from inception to completion. With a solid reputation in the industry underpinned by long-term trusted and sustainable relationships, we demonstrate leadership through the consistent quality of our work.

Your project is our passion

Success comes through clever strategy. At Reeds, we offer more than excellence in Surveying, Engineering and Planning services: we offer peace of mind through trustworthy advice, ensuring the long-term security of your project. Our committed team of 60-strong experts work unitedly to generate real insights, thus safeguarding the success of your project and preventing unexpected issues from becoming future problems.

This fierce commitment to achieving our client’s objectives and understanding their needs, extends beyond working on the apparent objectives and brief. We draw on our expertise and standing as industry leaders to add value through an intimate understanding of the big picture – including areas you may not have even considered; thus working on our client’s projects, with the same vigour and interest as if the project were our own.



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